Philip Brown mayor of Charlottetown 

I am a life-long resident and champion for Charlottetown.

I was born and raised in downtown Charlottetown. I live with my wife Lori and our children Emma Louise and Alec in the Spring Park area. As an educator, businessman, and former city councilor, I have shown my dedication to Charlottetown in every facet of my life. I will continue to do so. My goal is to make Charlottetown the best it can be for everyone now, and for future generations.

As your Mayor, I will work tirelessly to address your concerns with creative and fiscally responsible solutions. In particular, I will place emphasis on the following: 

Philip Brown Re-elect campaign

The Last 4 Years
● Excellent fiscal management at City Hall resulted in four budget surpluses.
● The Charlottetown Library Learning center is now open.
● Work will begin in the fall on a new $25M rink and pool at Simmons Sports Centre.
● 420 affordable housing units were built.
 Building permits generated $548M for the City.
● The City accessed $69M in infrastructure spending through partnerships with the provincial and federal governments.
● Regulations were put in place to oversee short-term rentals creating more housing options for renters.
● The City was instrumental in reinstating the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation.
Philip Brown for mayor Charlottetown PEI 2018
Philip brown for mayor - Family Photo
The Next 4 Years
● Build on public trust by increasing transparency & accountability at City Hall.
● Continue to promote active transportation by building more cycling lanes.
● Support green initiatives by purchasing electric buses, expanding bus routes, and increasing the number of electric vehicle charging stations.
● Address climate change and prepare for the effects of rising sea levels and more severe weather events.
● Work with governments to create even more affordable housing units.
● Invest in continued improvements to our wi-fi capabilities and the expansion of our fiber optic networks.
● Reduce costs through continued shared services in the capital region.
Philp Brown at office
Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at
I look forward to hearing from you!